Recommended Checks Before You Commission and Make Payments to Your Builder

  • Check they are a legitimate registered company – you should see their company registration number and VAT on quotes and can check against these
  • Check they are fully insured – the builder should be able to forward you their insurance policy
  • Check their website – what impression does this give you?
  • References from previous customers – I’d recommend at least 5 so you can be sure they are not just giving you contact details of friends. Would also recommend going to look at some of the work they have done, even if just from the outside, so you’re not just taking it as gospel over the phone.
  • Google the company name and see what reviews come up. Of course, any reviews are subjective and only give the customer view point. Therefore, if the majority of the reviews are positive but there are occasional negative ones, you may want to give the builder the benefit of the doubt to hear the other view point on any negative comments! It’s not always an easy journey for the builder with certain customers, but reviews imply “the customer is always right”. Just keep an open, subjective mind with reviews.
  • Do you “gel” with your builder? This is really important. It’s imperative that you feel you can trust your builder, that you feel confident they know what they are talking about, and that they understand your property visions and concerns. Open and regular communication between builder and customer is really important throughout all stages of the build.